Although only 10 miles away from its illustrious neighbour, Barolo, the Nebbiolo grape ripens slightly earlier here and the softer tannins allow for less ageing under DOCG rules: 2 years (1 in wood). This is as a result of the proximity to the river Tanaro and the generally lower elevation which provides an almost “maritime” micro-climate. Annual production is around 1/3 of that in Barolo which again restricts availability but the wines are of more consistent quality and approachable younger.

The region consists of 4 communes with their own characteristics:
Neive with its slightly higher vineyards tends to produce more perfumed wines with firmer tannins, Barbaresco the fruitiest while Treiso wines are less tannic and earthier especially as you head south towards San Rocco.

Like Barolo the best wines are capable of extreme longevity but are released in the 3rd year after the harvest and can be enjoyed while still relatively young.

Barbaresco Comunes
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