Portofino & S. Margherita

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Took the train and a short ferry ride to Portofino to do a little scouting for a few tours this fall. When we have tour of a week or more there is usually a side trip to outside of the Langhe such as Tuscany, 5 Terre or the Italian Riviera
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The ferry from S. Margherita getting ready to take another group back to S. Margherita.
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The postcard shot is easy if you hike up to the castle overlooking the harbour
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All one needs to do is haul 25 lb. of gear up the hill and your all set for a fun photo shoot.
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However the smart folks found a sea side seat at one of the many wine bars or restaurants to take in a little sun. To see and/or download photos of the day follow this link to our photo web site