Cheese and Truffles

On a recent tour we took our quests to one of our favorite stops. " La Luna Buona"
a Robiola cheese producer. Olivia the owner (on left) is showing us her goats
they are free Range as is required by
D.O.P. laws

Learning about the production facility.

The wonderful cheeses they make shown here dusted with herbs and
spices including vegetable carbon.

A fall in Piemonte is not complete with out a truffle hunt Robert got to
follow our neighbor Lorenzo on a hunt with his truffle dog Diana

Maybe a hit ?

Yes, they score !!!

More wine

This weekend was the annual "Barbaresco Week-End" wine tasting held in the
Barbaresco city hall. Chiaro with our expat friends Andrea and Lesley as we "work"
are way through 51 2006 Barbaresco's, La Ca Nova winery was the favorite
of the day. We exempt our usual favorites from judging Sottimano, Moccagatta,
Ca del Baio, Vigin, La Ganghija etc.

Everything is a family event in Italy, good training for Oliver

The quote of the day go's to Carlo a.k.a. Darryl " A nothing nose
with a hint of what i don't like"

The last pressing of 2009 at Vigin ( Cru Cotta ) this pomace is off to the
distillery to be made into Grappa (rocket fuel )

Yet another festival

Just when we thought we've seen every festival we came across the "CUGNA"
Festival in the small town of Coazzolo near Neive. We bought 3 cungnas and 2
Salsa di peperoncino that should hold us till spring.

Wow not many people for such a warm/sunny day then we realized lunch
was not over yet so all the Italians were at home eating sunday lunch. We were
able to taste all the different home made cugnas in only 45 min. a record for
Italy. cugna is a breakfast preserve for toast made from grapes and hazelnuts.

Even Cotta got in on the action meeting some of the town characters.

Next up, The total stomach festival in Barolo of course yummy !!!

Pizza, Pasta and Pressing

Nothing beats the home made pasta at one of our favorite restaurants "Crota"

Harvest in done here in Barbaresco now the hard work in the cellar starts.
Pressing is a very messy job. Roberts hands remain Barbara red for two
weeks. But they are very soft.

The La Morra sherif detaining more tourists from the states Bob and Mila
were good sports and followed orders to email this photo to city hall.

Bob did a great job impressing the locals with his pizza making skills. They
think we Americans are strange for putting pears & Gorgonzola on a pizza
But putting french fry s on a pizza is normal ?