In the vineyard

Helping out the neighbors (Vigin) in there moscatto vineyard. This is a very
old vineyard with narrow rows, with out enough space for a tractor to pass
for trimming the vines so this work must be done by hand.

This photo of our court yard shows the crazy weather we can have here in
Langhe surrounded by black clouds with a spot of sun in the center.

Summer should be called tractor season they go non stop 7 day a week
sun up to sun down this one spraying for powdery mildew in the valle grande
vineyard just out side Treiso.

Some times spraying is done by helicopter, trust me that black spot in the
clouds is a helicopter Robert will gladly except an old Telephoto lens for
his new digital rebel (good luck whit that)

The UK

Last week took a road trip to England to help a friend move some wine back
to Italy. We found in a bit strange after 650 miles through France saw no vineyards
but spotted this sign so we must have been close to Champagne.

Robert was in foodie heaven in the country only few hours and scored
some great Thai soup and ......lots of curry!

fantastic curry the national dish of England

And not to be forgotten the former dish of England fish and chips with
mushy peas.