Now here is something you don’t see in the states , at a recent town
festival the grade school was selling wine as a fund raiser.

yet another wine tasting this new event called N1 “nebbiolo-prima”
is mainly for wine writers, bloggers and buyers These producers look
like they will be glad to get home this evening, they must do alot events can
be very time consuming and hard on the feet.

Chiaro with our friend and fellow blogger, Darryl go over there tasting notes


This spring we’ve seen a few good reasons for using a tour guide.
This car went off the road in La Morra and crashed into some vines.

This car was a few weeks earlier and they trusted their GPS while coming
home from dinner in the dark. It had been raining for 3 weeks and very muddy.
The GPS took them down a vineyard road, not a real road and they got stock
in the mud at midnight. The rental car was stuck in the mud for 3 weeks until
it dried out enough for a tractor to pull the car out.

Had they spent the night in the car they would have woken up to a great view!

2007 BARBARESCO'S are released !!

Getting ready for the first of three blind Barbaresco tastings
24 Tonight. Last Friday was the start of the annual
“iL Barbaresco A Tavola”

The British are coming! No it’s just our expat (friends) mate’s joining us for our weekly
english lessons (a few more years of this and we will be unable to speak American
at all).

When trying the new Barbaresco’s it is customary to taste through the wines two at a time, however
it will take’s us 4 1/2 hours to work our way through all 24 wines and the 7 course dinner.