Meeting new friends

Touring the cellar of NADA GIUSEPPE Robert is talking with Enrico Nada and
his girl friend Vicky. Enrico shares the wine making responsibilities with his
father Giuseppe.

Not many barriques here, they use mostly botte (large casks) as they are
a traditional producer.

A wonderful family run winery we've been driving and biking by for years
great to finally meet the family and check out the cantina.

A few magnums are set aside each year to be hand painted by Enrico's
sister Barbara.

You can be sure of a new friendship in the Langhe when mamma gives you
a jar of her homemade CUGNA'.

Chiaro (Leslie) helping out neigbors and friends, Vigin finish up there moscato
harvest before the rain arrives, her face doesn't show how tense the air is when
trying to beat the rain.


Harvest has begun here in the Barbaresco region, first up Moscato ( Lorenzo and Davide,
father and son picking Moscato) Next in line, Favorita, Chardonnay then Dolcetto.

Taken from our kitchen balcony these grapes are headed to Cinzano, a giant
producer just outside the town of Alba.

Enjoying some birthday bubbles with puppy Cotta at Profumodivino, a fabulous new
restaurant in Treiso (no web site yet will keep you posted)

Touring new wine region

On tuesday we travelled to CALUSO a small town north/west of torino to
visit a wine region called ERBAUCE DI CALUSO well known for producing
crisp,acidic,dry whites and fantastic sparklers all made from the local
varietal ERBALUCE also a few reds from nebbiolo,barbara and local varietal
NERRETTO. The passito sweet wines are a must try !! Above is the barrel
ROOM of the CIECK winery where they age there passito for 3 years.

Robert learning how to "Riddle" what fun!

Inspecting dead yeast cells in a bottle of aging sparkling rose yum!!

The full line of CIECK wines

Back home for a BBQ with the langa style boys and a few local
restauranteurs a fun way to sell wine.

Chiaro with her bubble friend milena the other half of LA GANGHIJA