A whole year

Wow! it's been a whole year since our last blog thanks to many great customers from referrals, Google and TripAdvisor. 2016 was incredibly busy, it's a good problem to have so much work that we don't have time to do blog posts to generate more business, however we still we still feel bad about keeping family and friends out of the loop of what we've been up to. So here's a quick update on the Nebbiolo Vineyard we planted last year.
In the second year the vines have grown enough to need support wires with lots and lots of help from Mariagrazia and Valter from Icardi. Old cool Poles, training wires and metal stakes for each vine were installed last weekend.
As the wax from the grafting at the nursery wears away the vines are growing fast therefor they need to be tied to the stakes for this year and next then they will be tall enough to be tied to the suport wires
Leslie and our friend Massi from Italy Unfiltered prepare dough for mini burger buns for for the infamas pasquetta party

With easter being late this year the weather was sunny and warm, no rain for once.

Panna Cotta senza mani (without hands) eating contest

Planting our Nebbiolo vineyard !

After years of encouragement we finally planted our own baby Nebbiolo vineyard. Step 1 of many steps was turning over the soilStarderi -5
Step 2 our friend valter lays out the rows with string and poles
Starderi -002
The vine are readied for planting by having their roots cut off this is done to force the new roots to grow down searching for water.
Using a lay out pole the vines are planted in very straight rows.
Starderi -004
Valter oversees The last of the 200 vines being planted.
Starderi -022
Over the next 4 years while we wait for the vines to mature we will have lots of weeding to do along with shopping for a cute little 300 liter tank to make our wine in.

Chasing the Nebbia (Fog)

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Fall Colors

This Fall we have been to busy to blog, however here's a few shots Robert was able to grab in-between tours
Sept_blog (1)
Sept_blog (2)
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Vines are waking up

The vines are waking up starting with the "crying" stage
2014-03-18 (1)
The vineyards are full of growers working their craft.
March 12
Milano (1)
Spring cleaning at our favorite Ciabot, getting ready for vineyard tastings. Not a bad day for Feb 23

Fall Colors in the Langhe

Best fall color 2012

Fall Color 2012

Best fog 2012

Best fall color 2012 (1)

Fog & mtn 2012

new serralunga 2012

color & mtn 2012

Kind Words from Manhattan

This past spring Preethi and her husband Joe went on a tour with us, they had some very kind words on Preethi's blog "The Skinny On Manhattan"


Gallina Vineyard Barbaresco

Snow is melting 2265
The cold snap we and the rest of Europe have been stuck in is finally letting up with temps in the 50's. With Monviso and the tower of Barbaresco in the background, the snow is melting fast in Gallina, a well known vineyard on the west side of Neive.
vine work 2272
With the vineyards drying out these growers are taking advantage of the warm weather to catch up on their winter pruning. From a distance it looks like a nice way to enjoy the spring temps.
pulling vines 2269
However, this is very tedious and hard work. It's a very long game of tug of war, all while being very carful not to harm the single remaining cane that will provide this years fruit. The trimmings are left between the rows to be mulched in place by a tractor for compost.
Viso is out 2157
Hard to believe this was just 4 days ago.
Viso is out 2156
More vines that need pruning. This photo of our village, Neive, was taken from Coazzolo, an even smaller village just to our east.


The nebbiolo harvest is under way in Barolo and the weather has been

Theses nebbiolo grapes are waiting to be weighed and then it's off to the
De-stemmer & crusher. Destined for a bottle of Barbaresco in 3 years.

The last of many parties for the birthday girl at the E. Pira e Figli winery in
Barolo, its good to have friends who love Champagne as much as we
do (Pol Roger & Bollinger) thanks Bob & Chiara !!


The 2009 harvest is underway, the white's (Moscato,Chardannay,Arneis and
Favorita) are 90% finished. Producers are very happy with the 09 vintage.
Next up the red's (dolcetto,barbera,nebbiolo and many others.
This photo was taken from are kitchen balcony showing are neighbor Lorenzo loading

A small grower on his way to the public scale with his grapes

A sign of cooler weather on it's way, loading up our garage
with fire wood for the stuffa.

Guns of Barbaresco

Even though it has been sunny every day for 2 months we do get a
few small and short storms rolling in. That's when the Guns of Barbaresco
start shooting sound waves in to the sky with hopes of breaking up any
hail or at least making it smaller they sound like a civil war canon

Hazel nut harvest is coming soon usually beginning in mid August
and ending just in time to start harvesting grapes

Robert helping Lorenzo (from cantina Vigin) spray for weeds in the
Montersino vineyard

Most of the work in late july and early August is trimming the vines and
spraying for Oidium (Powdery mildew)

The jungle is back

Did you ever wonder how the rows of vines end up looking like the
ones on the right side ?

This is how: constant trimming. We really think Silvio needs an ipod !

The trimmer is made up of three lawnmower blades on the side
along with one on top. Yet another cool O.S.H.A. tool

Robert helping Davide bottle his 2007 Nebbiolo

This is as close to a minnesota T-storm we get here except they form in
about 5 min. and are over in 15 min. then the sun comes back out

Summer Time

We are having great weather this spring, warm and not too much rain.
These Nebbiolo grapes in the Starderi vineyard are growing fast

Happy 50th Lorenzo (end of table) Enjoying lunch with our friends and
Neighbors the Viglino family

The Local election is over now all theses temporary billboards can go
back in storage freeing up lost parking places.

A wine shop in Barolo thought photo copies of American wine reviews
under a few bottles of Barolo is a great way to sell wine. Who knew ??

Spring !!!

Bud Break has started here in Barbaresco, a sure sign of spring

The vineyard workers replacing post in the Roncglie vineyard just north
of Pajore. Due to all the rain/snow this past winter many vineyards have
had mini landslide's and some vineyards have lost as much as 2 acres of
vines in one slide

She doesn't look like a frantic artist hurrying to complete a painting for her up
coming show this weekend in Treiso

winter work

A sure sign of winter, the pruning / cutting back of the vines after harvest
hard work that will last through jan. / feb.

Yet another reason we love living here even our garden has a
great view just past these vineyards is the southern boundary of the
barbaresco zone

Looking towards Treiso over the Ca' del Baio cantina (winery) in the
Valgrande valley which encompasses the vineyards Marcarini on the right
side, Valgrande on the left and Giacosa behind the winery

Fog and Rain

It's been very,very fogy and rainy almost seems planned. Step 1.
finish harvest. Step 2. rain like hell for 2 maybe 3 weeks.

good time to try a new varietal how about
PELAVERGA PICCOLO anyone ? Tasted like dolcetto
mixed with gamay not fantastic but a very serviceable
BBQ wine only a small amount makes it to the states
( the hunt is part of the fun right ?)

fall in full swing

Harvest is finished in Barbaresco. Barolo should be done next week

Wow two of our favorite's in the same photo wine and biking !!