Food and Wine

Some tastings turn into a “ drinking”, a good thing when the wine shows well as they did at a recent
tasting at the Rapalino winery in the village of Nevigle. Claudio Rapalino (shown) along with his
brother Marco, who are continuing the family tradition started by his father and grandfather.

As we’ve spoke of before there is a festival every week in many towns all over Italy.
Our town had a culinary fair showing off the famous local dishes, above is Bagna Cauda
made from anchovies, garlic and olive oil. Served as a hot sauce fondu style that you dip
raw meat and or vegetables into.

A hands on demo on making Tajarin as Tagliatelle is called locally. They are discussing
whether to use 35 or 40 egg yolks per kilo of flour ( no joking ) in this very rich hand cut
thin pasta.

will it ever stop raining?

Was a little tough getting out of the house Monday morning because the piazza
we live on was getting new asphalt. It has been raining for most of November,
this is unusual for the area and we are even getting some small landslides
which usually only happen in the spring.

When not raining the weather has been non-stop cloudy/foggy, great weather for racking and
cleaning barrels. The view behind Robert is normally spectacular. See photo below.

This is the same veiw on a clear day, big difference.

But the crappy weather won’t keep the locals from going to the weekly market.