Chiaro (leslie) returns home to a very happy puppy cotta, Robert can
now stop eating Ramón.

First stop on way home from airport the market to refill the fridge.
WOW Mortadella on sale only 8.90 per kilo. cut to order maybe next time.

Chiaro brings minnesota weather back with her, great !!!

Lorenzo the fantastic neighbor that he is plows us out first

Mexican !!!

Very rare in piemonte an ethnic restaurant i wouldn't travel from the states
to eat here but when you live here a nice change of pace

We are often asked what the drinking age is in Italy. Don't know but this
sign was on the door of the restaurant above. Not just forbidden but
strictly forbidden.

Truffle Fair

The last day of the world famous truffle fair in alba this years "best"
of show sold for 24,000 wow now that would be a big bag of stink!!!

Just out side the fair venders were selling both white and black truffles
from 30 to 80 Euros

No they are not all the same. The signs give details on location, altitude,
flat or hilly ,aging

Amazing the differences from wheel to wheel

winter work

A sure sign of winter, the pruning / cutting back of the vines after harvest
hard work that will last through jan. / feb.

Yet another reason we love living here even our garden has a
great view just past these vineyards is the southern boundary of the
barbaresco zone

Looking towards Treiso over the Ca' del Baio cantina (winery) in the
Valgrande valley which encompasses the vineyards Marcarini on the right
side, Valgrande on the left and Giacosa behind the winery

Fog and Rain

It's been very,very fogy and rainy almost seems planned. Step 1.
finish harvest. Step 2. rain like hell for 2 maybe 3 weeks.

good time to try a new varietal how about
PELAVERGA PICCOLO anyone ? Tasted like dolcetto
mixed with gamay not fantastic but a very serviceable
BBQ wine only a small amount makes it to the states
( the hunt is part of the fun right ?)