fall in full swing

Harvest is finished in Barbaresco. Barolo should be done next week

Wow two of our favorite's in the same photo wine and biking !!

Bugs in wine

Nearing the end of our 2nd harvest. I finally get the joke producers (wine makers)
tell about why vegetarians shouldn't drink wine.

This nebbiolo is getting a little extra air during it's pump over.

Crush at cantina Nada

Not every grape makes the cut as vicki from cantina NADA trims a few
grapes that will be left for the birds. Here in Barbaresco and Barolo
producers do most of there sorting table work in the vineyard

Family time at cantina Nada. From vine to plastic "mini" hoppers.

From the mini hoppers to a tractor mounted hopper.

From the hopper to a tractor pulled trailer.

From the trailer into the destemmer / crusher.

Enrico over seeing the crush. stems out the back. Skins,seeds,pulp
and juice into the hose to the fermentation tank then in no time at all
( almost 3 years ) Barbaresco at a wine shop near you.

Fall tours/Harvest

Harvesting nebbiolo behind our home. Producers in both Barolo and Barbaresco
are VERY exited about nebbiolo this year, looks very promising !!!

This is why so many people travel to Alba in the fall.

The famous white truffle of the langhe

It's always nice to have an American visitor show Italian winemakers how to
properly sciabola a bottle of champagne.

Daniele Panino!!!

Trying salsiccia di bra (raw sausge) for the first time yum !!