Osteria Barolando

We went to the village of Barolo yesterday to update our photos of Osteria Barolando, a new entry in our travel app, Piedmont Wine Food and More…. Owner Lidia and her daughter Francesca are great hosts with a growing, well chosen wine list, prime location in the centre of the village along with great home made local food.
We were lucky to catch the chef cutting the "hand cut tajarin" the classic pasta of the Langhe
Tajarin with Ragu
Robert's favorite, Vitello Tonnato, made withOUT mayonnaise
If you're in Barolo stop by grab a table outside and have a great meal or aperitivo while watching all the comings and goings in the centre of town

Bud Break 2013 !!

On Sunday (the 14th of April) sap was flowing from almost every vine in Neive
A little speck of sun
Then on Monday, the moment everyone is waiting for, the official start of spring "bud break"
With all the rain and now temp's in the mid 70's ( 23 C.) the cover crops between the rows of vines is growing fast

After 4 Bottles of…..

Making the pour
A spot of wine
first drop

Spring is here!

Easter 20133
Spring 2013 has begun. The fruit trees are starting to flower and the buds on the hazelnuts trees are almost ready to pop.
Easter 20134
Cottà is back on her princess balcony with the newly planted Primuli flowers enjoying the sun after a long winter.
Easter 20132
The restaurants and wine bars have all been busy planting their flower pots in time for Easter.
Easter 20131