Donna Selvatica is Open

Our lovely medieval village of Neive has a new fine dining restaurant called Donna Selvatica, named after one of Romano Levi’s grappas.

Us and our friends, Franco and Susan, from
Franco Rocca winery, were invited to the practice dinner last night and we all agree they are off to a great start.

The owner, Valter, chatting up some test customers. The dining room is very elegant and relaxing.

Dinner started with a “tris” a sampling of traditional Piemontese “antipasti” appetizers, Flan di Asparagus, Carne Cruda and Vitello Tonnato.
As you can see, the food was fantastic. The young chef, Gabriele, gave some nice twists to the dishes. For example, the tajarin pasta came with a Langhe white sauce instead the usual meat ragu and Arugula Gnocchi on top of a cream of saffron.
As Daniela, front of house manager, prepares espresso, Susan and Leslie congratulate Chef Gabriele for a great dinner.

No website as of this blog, here is the restaurant info:

Donna Selvatica
Via Rocca, 21
Neive CN 12052

Donna Selvatica is participating in Barbaresco a Tavola.

May 8, 15, & 22
Il Barbaresco a Tavola
3 evenings featuring the new release of 2012 Barbarescos.
A fantastic way to experience the new vintage along with dinner.
At various participating restaurants in the Barbaresco area.
40-85 euros for dinner & wine per person depending on restaurant


Travel Langhe
Opened in Aug. of 2013 after an extensive remodelling of an old farm Osteria I Rebbi located just 2 KM past the town of Monforte on the road to Dogliani
Travel Langhe (1)
It's a bold move for owners Elena (24) and Valerio (30) to open the 22nd restaurant in a town of 2,000 but we think they have "hit the nail on the head"
Travel Langhe (2)
For a young restaurant they have a solid selection of well priced wines
Travel Langhe (3)
Operitivo snacks of fritata and sliced meats
Travel Langhe (4)
Home made pici pasta with shrimp
Travel Langhe (5)
Halibut over greens
Travel Langhe (6)
gnocchi with asparagus and ricotta
Travel Langhe (8)
Daily specials are listed on a chalkboard in the dining room
Travel Langhe (9)
The before shot
Travel Langhe (10)
And the after shot

Truffle Hunting in First Snow 2013!

Truffle hunt1
Our first truffle hunt in the snow, yesterday. A little snow is ok but if it gets too deep the dogs can't smell the truffles and truffle season is over for the year.
Truffle hunt2
Leslie with Marco, our truffle hunter, being from Minnesota this was more like a dusting and not very cold for us.
Truffle hunt3
Marco and Rocky his 3 year old truffle dog. Rocky was successful today and found us 5 nice white truffles!
Truffle hunt4
Truffle hunt5
Cotta, our mascot, loves to be in charge and thinks she found all the truffles and wants to be paid with treats too!
Truffle hunt6
Rocky finding a truffle under the snow.
Truffle hunt7Truffle hunt8
Our biggest find of the day!
Truffle hunt9
Group photo
Truffle hunt
Where all the best truffles end up, at one of the best restaurants under glass, waiting to be shaved over your dish of choice! Tajarin, carne cruda, fonduta, uova etc...........


In an effort to lengthen summer just a little bit longer we went down to Cinque Terre for a few days to catch the last few days of warmth and sun.
Alexander (1)
Our favourite village to stay in is Corniglia, the middle village of the five villages.
Corniglia (1)
It's fun to get lost on the twisty curvy streets looking for a hidden gem of a bar, shop or restaurant.
Corniglia (2)
Corniglia is the only village without a proper harbour, one must climb 400 steps from the train station to reach the village center or take the shuttle bus which we haven't tried yet. It is funner to walk up and earn your aperitivo!!!
Our favourite wine bar is in the main piazza when you arrive in the centre, Terra Rossa, run by 2 sisters, with a great view of the village and the sea. Great local wine and food.
Living in Langhe we know exactly what to expect when we order something to eat, however here in Liguria we are always surprised when we order bruschetta, it's always good but the style changes from place to place.

Slowfood Cheese 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 3.42.44 PM
Slowfood Cheese is happening again this year in Bra! if you are in the area during this time, this is a DO NOT MISS EVENT!!!!!
20-23 September, open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am to 11pm and Monday 11am to 8pm.
Eat your body weight in Cheese from around the world for free. Fees apply to Seminars and Hall of Cheese.

Osteria Barolando

We went to the village of Barolo yesterday to update our photos of Osteria Barolando, a new entry in our travel app, Piedmont Wine Food and More…. Owner Lidia and her daughter Francesca are great hosts with a growing, well chosen wine list, prime location in the centre of the village along with great home made local food.
We were lucky to catch the chef cutting the "hand cut tajarin" the classic pasta of the Langhe
Tajarin with Ragu
Robert's favorite, Vitello Tonnato, made withOUT mayonnaise
If you're in Barolo stop by grab a table outside and have a great meal or aperitivo while watching all the comings and goings in the centre of town

Guess Where We Ate Last Saturday????

Piazza Duomo 1

Piazza Duomo 4

Piazza Duomo 2

Piazza Duomo 5

Piazza Duomo 8

Piazza Duomo 6

Piazza Duomo 9

Piazza Duomo 10

Piazza Duomo 11

Piazza Duomo 12

Stars are Falling!

Alba_lights 740
The local restaurant scene is very happy with the well known dining guide "Guida Michelin" which just released it's list for 2012. We can now boast 15 stared restaurants in Langhe & Roero.
Alba_lights 737
Alba is full of stars now that all the christmas lights are up and on. The streets of Alba are very pretty and festive at Christmas time.
Alba_lights 739
If headed for Alba to see the lights, dress warm, Alba is always colder in the winter than the small hilltop villages.
Albalights 741

Alba_lights 738
"Better a real focaccia than a fake beard…."

Truffle Hunting with Marco Varaldo

Travel Langhe 132
Last Saturday we had a great truffle hunt with Marco Varaldo in La Morra, Barolo. We were out hunting with one of his best truffle dogs, Deena. Deena is 8 years old and a truffle hunting pro. Due to a dry summer and fall, the truffle quantities have been lower than usual, but Deena found us a fairly big, aromatic white truffle and 4 nice black summer truffles.
Travel Langhe 131
Deena doesn't work for free, she gets rewarded with treats when she finds a truffle.
Here are the truffles we found.
Travel Langhe 134
During the hunt, Marco explained to us all about the truffles of the Langhe, all the essential information of how, where and why the truffles grow. For example, what trees they grow under, how the weather affects them, hunting during the day vs. night, how the dogs are trained, the roots under a truffle and the little spores that become next year's truffles and much more. He is very passionate about truffles and happy to share his knowledge and experiences. His knowledge has been passed down from over 3 generation of truffle hunters.
blog 222
Here, on our way back to town, Marco is explaining the work in the vineyards, when we encounter Agostino (below), the owner of Bosco Agostino, a winery in La Morra. He is out working in his vineyard doing the winter pruning. The farmers are expecting a lot of snow this year so they are trying to get an early start on the winter pruning. He was very charming and funny but we are not sure exactly what he said since he was talking in deep "Piedmontese" dialect.
Agostino 133
Below, the village of La Morra in Barolo.
La Morra 132
Alla Casa del Trifolao
Marco Varaldo
Truffle Hunting Excursions
tel +39 335 58 00143
reservation is necessary
comfortable clothing and shoes recommended

Upon request, a tasting in the field is available.

Big Bucks for Truffles

truffle fair 023

After many months of no rain, the first weekend of November has been hit hard with heavy rain and flooding. Unfortunately, the rain came too late to help with the truffle season. This year the famous Alba white truffles are down in numbers and expensive.

truffle 072

Even though it hasn't been the best year for truffles, one can still choose from many different truffle hunters and a variety of sizes.

truffle fair 022

Inside the Truffle Fair, the smell of truffles is almost overwhelming. How do you know the truffle you're considering is aromatic or not when the smell of truffles is penetrating the fair?


This year, on account of the very dry summer, the price of the famous white Alba truffle has increased due to short supply, however, quality seems to be good.
950 Euros is a lot of cash for something that has a shelf life of 7 days or less.

trufflescale 074

truffle fair 025

Before or after buying truffles, you can have your purchase judged for quality by experts in the center of the fair.

truffle fair 024

In addition to truffles, there are tons of other food stuffs to taste and buy, pasta, truffle oil and honey, salami, cheese, hazelnut cakes, chocolates, wine and much more.

truffle 073

truffle 071

If breathing in the truffle air gets you hungry! No problem, you can buy pasta, eggs or carne cruda with ample shavings of truffles, of course!

Vinoteca Centro Storico in Serralunga d'Alba

Vinoteca 005
Here in the Langhe, there is nobody as passionate about bubbles, mainly champagne, as Alessio, owner of Vinoteca in Serralunga d'Alba. His wine bar, caffè, wine shop and restaurant sports the best list of bubbles in the area.

One may come here for sparkling wine, however you will stay for the great food and of course the Nebbiolo. His list of Barolos and Barbarescos is well thought out, along with an interesting selection of desert wines. Alessio is very knowledgable in the wines of Piemonte and is happy to explain the region's wines.

Alessio does all of this in a small but efficient space that is very comfortable, the walls are adorned with black and white photos and wine maps of the area. Menu is small and changes daily, we have always been happy with the choices and have eaten very well here at a good price.

Don't forget about aperitivo time, Alessio has a great selection of salumi and cheeses.

Reservations recommended as it is small and fills up fast.

Vinoteca Centro Storico
Via Roma 6
Serralunga CN

+39 017 361 3203
closed monday
10am to 11pm

Vinoteca 009
Alessio pouring a blind tasting for some of his customers. A fun way to taste wine.
Vinoteca 006Vinoteca 007Vinoteca 008Vinoteca 010
The best Eggplant Parmigiano "Melanzane Parmigiana" we have eaten to date!Vinoteca 011
Homade Hazelnut soufflé with Zabione. A great way to end a meal.

Cheese 2011

We made it to Cheese 2011 on Monday, the last day. We started in the Great Hall of Cheese tasting some white wine from Veneto and of course some cheese.
Cheese 2182
We found the Neal's Yard Booth and bought some great cheddar cheese, something we can't easily find in Piedmont and miss.
Cheese 2187
It wasn't as crowded on Monday, which we preferred. Everyone said it was packed on the weekend.
Cheese 2183
Raelin, Leslie & Robin next to a big blue Slowfood snail!Cheese 2188

First Truffles of 2011

first truffles2011
On a recent walking tour of Alba we came across the first white truffles of the season at Tartufi & Co. These are on there way to a few of the local restaurants, so far it looks to be a good year for truffles with all the rain we had in the spring.
tons of moscato
As harvest ramps up the roads are full of tractors carrying grapes to the wineries, Moscato anyone??
The other day while working at the computer we heard a sound and thought could it be? Sure enough, there were two horses tied up to our garage door below our kitchen balcony.


Chiaro (leslie) returns home to a very happy puppy cotta, Robert can
now stop eating Ramón.

First stop on way home from airport the market to refill the fridge.
WOW Mortadella on sale only 8.90 per kilo. cut to order maybe next time.

Chiaro brings minnesota weather back with her, great !!!

Lorenzo the fantastic neighbor that he is plows us out first

Mexican !!!

Very rare in piemonte an ethnic restaurant i wouldn't travel from the states
to eat here but when you live here a nice change of pace

We are often asked what the drinking age is in Italy. Don't know but this
sign was on the door of the restaurant above. Not just forbidden but
strictly forbidden.

Truffle Fair

The last day of the world famous truffle fair in alba this years "best"
of show sold for 24,000 wow now that would be a big bag of stink!!!

Just out side the fair venders were selling both white and black truffles
from 30 to 80 Euros

No they are not all the same. The signs give details on location, altitude,
flat or hilly ,aging

Amazing the differences from wheel to wheel







summer time party's

Party for 400 in the center of barbaresco

Setting up table for 140 at Pertinace

Enjoying some 0f tomy's great cooking