In an effort to lengthen summer just a little bit longer we went down to Cinque Terre for a few days to catch the last few days of warmth and sun.
Alexander (1)
Our favourite village to stay in is Corniglia, the middle village of the five villages.
Corniglia (1)
It's fun to get lost on the twisty curvy streets looking for a hidden gem of a bar, shop or restaurant.
Corniglia (2)
Corniglia is the only village without a proper harbour, one must climb 400 steps from the train station to reach the village center or take the shuttle bus which we haven't tried yet. It is funner to walk up and earn your aperitivo!!!
Our favourite wine bar is in the main piazza when you arrive in the centre, Terra Rossa, run by 2 sisters, with a great view of the village and the sea. Great local wine and food.
Living in Langhe we know exactly what to expect when we order something to eat, however here in Liguria we are always surprised when we order bruschetta, it's always good but the style changes from place to place.