Baby Bollicine (New Sparkling Wine In Neive)

Ornella of Pelissero Pasquale is preparing to bottled her first sparkling Brut Rose 2011, a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The first step is to build a starter by adding yeast to a few liters of the still wine.
The wine with the added yeast is then blended into the remaining wine with a little aeration to help along the next fermentation process.
During the bottling the tank of wine is stirred constantly to keep the added yeast in suspension, causing the wine to be very cloudystep6
To aid in the disgorgement (2 years from now) plastic plugs are added before the temporary metal bottle caps are placed
Leslie using a mallet to help ease in the plugs.
The last step before aging is the installing of the metal caps with a pneumatic press.
placing the bottles in cages before remuage starts.
It's resting place for the next 2 plus years. with a bottle from midway and one from the end of bottling, both fitted with presser gages to track over time how the wine is fermenting (again) on its journey to become sparkling wine, method de champenoise.