First Snow of the Season!

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First snow and it's a big one! Everything in Neive Centro Storico closed about 1pm. No aperitivo at Cinciallegra tonight.
Luckily we were there before lunch and had our aperitivo then.
Michela, owner of Cinciallegra, is enjoying the snow!
Cot is staying in the tire tracks to walk in, she doesn't like deep snow.
Walking to Neive basso.
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Snowstorm in Barbaresco!

Snow blog 1757
Sunday we got 16 inches of heavy wet snow. Up until now it has been an unusually mild winter. Monday school was closed and most people stayed home from work. Now it's Tuesday and snowing again.
Snow blog 1758
Our neighbor trying to get his car out on Monday.
Snow blog 1753
We will never get used to seeing umbrellas used for snow, though it's the norm here.
Snow blog 1754
View of Neive from Bricco San Giuliano. The snow is very good for the vines as the water melts slowly into the ground compared to rain which runs off too quickly to be absorbed deeply into the soil.
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Christmas in Langhe

Natale Neive 708
The Christmas markets "Mercati di Natale" are happening in all the medieval hilltop villages throughout the Langhe, our town Neive's was this last Sunday.
Natale Neive 704
Our town/city hall was open (rare on a Sunday in Italy) for a nativity art show in the council chambers. Natale Neive 705
The local take on making christmas wreaths is to use the pruning from grape vines.
Natale Neive 709
It's not a Christmas market without some animals!

Road trip and snow

We did some scouting this weekend for our spring trips to the Franciacorta
wine region,which is about 3 hoursnorth east of Barbaresco.
Was fun but way too cold.

Our first snow arrived on the 17th of December, only 2 inches but enough for a
white Christmas.The garage is packed full with fire wood so Robert parks under
the bedroom balcony to maintain his recored of never scraping the car here in the
Langhe. He does not miss that old MN sport of scraping and shoveling snow.

Testing out the new stuffa, made it to 93 F

Treiso covered in snow.