Alba Underground

Alba Under Ground 1
Project Alba Underground was started in 2011 to give people a chance to see the changes Alba went through over the last 2000 years, tours are given in the fall for current tour times head over to their web site. The 90 min. tour starts in front of the Duomo in Piazza Risorgimento.Alba Under Ground 2
After we are given our maps archaeologist Laura gathers the group to start the tour.
Alba Under Ground 8
The first stop is around the corner under one of the local banks
Alba Under Ground 4
Laura explains the artifacts found during this dig under the bank.
Alba Under Ground 6
Old Roman streets
Alba Under Ground 5
Alba Under Ground 11
Alba Under Ground 10
Alba Under Ground 7
Alba Under Ground 9

Alba White Truffle Fair 2012

Fiera del Tartufo di Alba, October 6 through November 18, 2012, every Saturday and Sunday
Truffle Fair 2012 (2)
Truffle Fair 2012 is starting off with few truffles and high prices due to lack of rain this spring and summer. We are hoping for better truffles in November and December after some much needed rain in September.Truffle Fair 2012 (1)
During the fair there are also many people selling high quality dried porcini mushrooms.Truffle Fair 2012
Truffle Fair 2012 (3)
Our friend Primo Montaldo, selling his famous cured pork filets and salami.Truffle Fair 2012 (4)
During the fair one can taste a variety of local wine and taste truffles over traditional dishes like this one, truffles shaved over fried eggs.