Hazelnuts everywhere

The hazelnut harvest is almost over pictured is a sweeper style harvester
dumping its load into a tractor trailer.

Lucky for us (not ) a vacuum style harvester is used in our back yard.

The dust is incredible good thing harvest lasts only 2 or 3 days.

Another load.

Coming soon to a jar of nutella near you.

Hot and Humid

It has been very hot with almost minnesota like humidity making gelato
a daily instead of a weekly requirement. Desmosedici opened this spring
on Via V. Emanuele in Alba and has become our favorite! Pictured is the
young owner / entrepreneur Elisa Grimaldi.

The shop opens mid morning until 2:00 A.M. only in italy do we get
bar rush in a Gelateria.

More than "32" flavors

Looking across our table down the quaint streets of Bossolasco, where we
took part in our first outdoor art fair. Robert was too busy watching the tractor- pull
to take more photos maybe next year.

A suprise find

Showing off a few of our favorite wineries to some recent visitors,
shown here is moccagatta. After this tasting we went to visit a winery
very close to our home, after driving by it for 2 years let's check it out .....

We soon realized what we were missing. We've had a few of their
wines over the years and always liked them but had never tasted through
their full line wow! The nose on the pinot noir smelled just like a Willamette
Valley pinot noir and tasted great. They also make some very unique whites.
we are going to be learning more about Poderi Colla

At dinner this past weekend we asked for some salt. Great idea and
presentation very cool! (salt and pepper is rarely seen on tables here in