Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoying some aperitivo bubbles before the big feast.

An expat dinner (sorry about the bad photo) alcohol may have been an
contributing factor.

American with a scottish touch. Cameron (the Scot) did a great job, he
introduced us to Bread Sauce, Fried Bread Crumbs and Yorkshire Puddings,
along with a perfectly cooked turkey, sausage stuffing and roasted potatoes and
root vegetables.Our other English friends brought sides of Cheesy broccoli and
Sauteed Red Cabbage.

What a difference a year makes looking at our house through vines with no
snow on the ground, very glad to be heading into dec. snow-free!

French fries on pizza?

A very popular pizza topping in Italy is french fries, very strange to us but the locals
love it. We haven’t tried this yet, we are very afraid. Funny thing is some call this “American

Chiaro is very happy that we found “single field/free range” potatoes at the Alba market,
even better than Idaho

Hard to believe but Robert has become the local go to tech guy (mac only)
“ A hacked iphone is a happy iphone “

Last of our fall colors, now we start the rainy/foggy season.

Fall and Tastings

The fall colors this year is the best we've seen yet !
Another great tasting/winery tour with our expat friends at RESSIA
A very passionate wine maker Fabrizio

Fabrizio Ressia's line up of wines.

A must try and very interesting Dry Moscato this will be our aperitivo
wine next summer and our spicy food wine this winter.

Carlo (Darryl) Warning Chiaro to stop finding new producers who make great wine.
This is starting to get expensive !