Leslie has been busy painting, take a look!

New Paintings, if you want to see more go to www.cellarpaintings.com

Serralunga d’Alba, a village in Barolo

Colori d’Autunno

Set Quintai


Hot and Humid

It has been very hot with almost minnesota like humidity making gelato
a daily instead of a weekly requirement. Desmosedici opened this spring
on Via V. Emanuele in Alba and has become our favorite! Pictured is the
young owner / entrepreneur Elisa Grimaldi.

The shop opens mid morning until 2:00 A.M. only in italy do we get
bar rush in a Gelateria.

More than "32" flavors

Looking across our table down the quaint streets of Bossolasco, where we
took part in our first outdoor art fair. Robert was too busy watching the tractor- pull
to take more photos maybe next year.

New art show in Treiso

This is a beautiful old church on the piazza in Treiso, it was restored
last summer and made into a cultural center for the town of Treiso.
My art exhibit opened here last Saturday.
The show is from April 11 to May 3, 2009

After getting the keys from the mayer of Treiso we started setting up our
spring art show by first taking down christmas decorations.

Even Cotta' "helps

"Vineyard with Chickens" most popular painting of the art show.
Who knew chickens were so popular????